Types of Mountain Bikes

There are different types of mountain bikes which are specifically suitable for kids, men and women. We've sorted them into the store pages below for your convenience:

Mountain Bikes for Men

Mountain Bikes for Ladies

Mountain Bikes for Kids

Mountain Bikes for The Whole Family

You and your family want to take up off road biking and get out into the wild to get away from the button life that you live all week. You all want to let your hair down and forget about work, and school and bills, and piano lessons, football practice, andÖ well you get it. Everybody needs a good stress reliever and this is the one you have chosen; but with so many types of mountain bikes, you donít know where to begin? Mountain bikes are available in all sizes; for men, women and children. They are also available for a lot of sport types and levels, so how do you pick?

Well to keep it simple, first consider exactly what kinds of activities you and your family are going to be getting into, and be honest with yourself in determining if this is going to be a one time shot, or if you are really planning on making this part of your familyís permanent hobby list. Figuring out the activities you will participate in will help determine the types of mountain bikes you need. The different types of mountain bikes cover a variety of uses. There are bikes for general fitness, off road riding, leisure, and more than a few sports. If youíre planning on mostly tooling around the neighborhood or a nearby bike park; youíre looking at something a little bit tame. But if you are planning on really getting down and dirty, riding rocky terrain, dirt tracks and hills galore; then you are looking at real fun.

Once you have figured out what level of activity youíre going to get into, you will be able to conduct your search with a keen focus on the types of mountain bikes your family will get the most use out of. An important point to also keep in mind is that with most quality mountain bikes, you will be able to hit the rocky slopes one day and head for the smooth cruise of the pavement the next day. Mountain bikes have proven to be highly versatile when it comes to multi-tasking; one good bike can meet the need for several different types of riding options. When considering mountain bikes for all members of the family it is important to think of each bike as an investment, but even more so when it comes to buying for the younger children. You will want to look at bikes that the children wonít outgrow too soon, while at the same time keeping in mind that you definitely want a good quality bike that can be resold at a decent price when itís time for your child to move up to the next bike size. If the child is an able rider, you may even consider a bike that may seem slightly large for them (I donít have to tell you how fast they grow!). Many of the better known types of mountain bikes will retain their value very well as long as the bike has been well maintained.