GT Xziang Mountain Bikes

GT Xziang bikes are high quality MTBs. Many of them have titanium frames, which are the best frames for mountain bicycles. This provides great strength, durablity and control.

One happy customer recently said: "I've ridden many over the last 15 years since building up this frame. It's geometry, design and Ti's forgiveness still make the GT Xizang the best hardtail I've ever swung my leg over."

Overall, the GT Xziang mountain bicycle is suitable for a variety of uses including recreational and cross country.



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GT Xziang Mountain Bikes: Greatest Versatility

When the average person looks at buying a new bike they are usually thinking about one type of riding or another. Some people shop for a bike to take out and ride cross country so that they can get their exercise in; some shop for a bike for a sport that they may consider racing or just getting a lot of speed out of in short runs; some look for bikes just for recreational use and just want to have a smooth easy ride; and still others look for a bike that practically climb walls as they climb and dive through off road hills. The problem that often occurs with people buying bikes that only address one of these desires is that they end up buying a second new bike if they decide to try out another category of riding.

The answer to the prayers of all of these people can be found in one very flexible bike; the GT Xziang mountain bike. With the Xziang, you pick up a bike with the capabilities of several types of bikes wrapped up into one. You decide one day that you want to hit the hills hard and kick up as much dust as your wheel will allow; Xiang. You decide the next day that you want to go all out and take a nice twenty mile cross country sprint with friends; Xiang. The middle of the week rolls around, and you need to release some of that mid-week tension from the mounting workload of your job by taking your bike out and going full speed for a couple of laps around a local bike track; Xiang. Then, finally comes Sunday, and you want to wind down and get ready for the upcoming week by taking a very leisurely cruise around the neighborhood; of course the GT Xziang mountain bike.

One key to versatility of the GT Xziang mountain bikes line is that many of the bikes are actually constructed with titanium frames. As with all other products that use titanium, the frame of the Xziang is incredibly strong and light at the same time. The combination of a very strong frame and light weight adds up to a bike thatís easy to control, allowing you to ride without feeling like youíre cruising on an anchor. Whether you want to hit the bike track for top speed racing, run off road and get a little dirty and sweaty (and love each and every minute of it), or you need the comfort and stability of a cross country bike; the GT Xziang mountain bike can be picked up (with a few fingers) and taken out to conquer the road (whichever road that happens to be on a given day).

For sport loving bikers looking at using their next mountain bike in a variety of scenarios, the GT Xziang mountain bike promises to come through as a winner with you riding on top.