Giant Mountain Bikes For Women

Most of the Giant bicycles are uni-sex, but they also have a dedicated mountain bike range for women, because female riders are also aware and recognize the high quality of Giant bicycles.

Women's bikes are specifically built to be more suitable for women. They feature a smaller and lighter frame for better handling. Additionally, the seats and head angles have been optimized to suit women's bodies better and make riding a more comfortable experience for them.

There is a huge range of Giant MTBs for women, including several models in the offroad, sport, leisure and performance categories.

Giant Liv Avail 1 Disc, S 46.5 cm

Giant Liv Avail 1 Disc,  S 46.5 cm

Price: $1,299.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 1d 3h 34m
2014 Giant Avail 5 - Women's Size Medium Silver Blue

2014 Giant Avail 5 - Women's Size Medium Silver Blue

Price: $500.00 (0 Bids)
Time Left: 1d 4h 23m
  2016 Giant Liv Avail Advanced (Carbon) 2 Disc - size XS

  2016 Giant Liv Avail Advanced (Carbon) 2 Disc - size XS

Price: $1,050.00
Buy It Now: $1,365.00
Time Left: 1d 6h 27m
2015 Giant Liv Avail Advanced (Carbon) 3 Disc - Size XS

2015 Giant Liv Avail Advanced (Carbon) 3 Disc - Size XS

Price: $800.00
Buy It Now: $1,040.00
Time Left: 1d 6h 27m

GT Womens Mountain Bikes: A Dedicated Line

Giant Mountain Bikes has built up quite a reputation among bike riders everywhere as a high quality, high performance bike builder. But they could not stop at just being known as the preeminent manufacturer of a huge variety of bikes for everyone, Giant has expanded and built up a special line of mountain bikes just for the ladies. Giant mountain bikes for women boasts all of the strengths and innovation of the rest of Giantís lines, but being aware of the specific needs of the female demographic, they built this line to especially suit the female riders needs.

While most Giant bikes are already considered unisex, they felt it imperative to create an all ladies line; focusing on a bike to fit a womanís body just right so that she is able to optimize her riding experience. Whether her riding might be for sport or pleasure, Giant wanted the female rider to be able to ride for long distances (taking to the road), or just long periods of time (hopping the hills with the guys) in comfort. A great deal of attention was paid to every detail of the structure of the Giant mountain bikes for women. The weight of the overall bike was tailored, as was one of the most important parts of the bike; the seat. Giant had to be sure that the ridersí comfort was at the top of their list when it came to the point where man meets machine.

Many women have discovered just how much work Giant put into their womenís line of bikes after just taking a quick test ride. They feel the difference almost immediately when they take off on a bike that was really built with them in mind. The ride is smoother, the bike itself is much less cumbersome than bikes they have experienced in the past, and of course, there is that seat to seat comfort. It is no secret that the more comfortable the ride, the longer you can stay on, and when it comes to off road riding you definitely want a comfortable bike with comfortable suspension.

Giant mountain bikes for women are offered in a huge assortment of cycles made just for women; Giant features several models that include off road, sport, leisure and performance categories, for a full range to fit any need. Whether you are into biking for the sheer enjoyment and thrill of testing the limits of endurance and ability, riding into the history books or prize purses in professional sports, or just getting some good old fashioned full body exercise, Giant is sure to be able to meet the need. If you are an adrenaline junky and like to take to the muddy hills with the boys, Giant has you covered. Or if you prefer something a little quieter and calmer like a leisurely cruise around the neighborhood, Giant has the right bike for you as well.